When in Las Vegas….Go to The “Markets”

by DanicasDaily on June 23, 2012

Happy Saturday all!  Today was all about going to the Las Vegas Markets….that is the Saturday Fresh 52 Farmers Market and John Mull’s Road Kill Grill & Meat Market for some amazing down home BBQ.  I honestly had no idea that Las Vegas had so many Farmers Markets or I would have checked them all out sooner.

You can find a Farmers Market just about every day ~ Henderson has the Country Fresh Farmers Market on Thursdays and Fridays while Fresh52 has their markets on Saturday & Sunday.  I know I saw signs around down for other days on the 3rd Monday and such too.


The Saturday Fresh52 Market goes from 8 am – 1 pm at Tivoli Village in Las Vegas.


All the vendors set up on the “street” sidewalks in between and around all the stores in the village.  Tivoli Village would be such a fun place to shop and eat even without the Farmer’s Market.


I think the part I LOVED the most about the market aside from all the super sweet and crunchy in season fruits & veggies is that they literally have something for everyone.


The vendors totally work with you too.  We customized our berry pack so we could get two types of blackberries (check out how HUGE the ones on the left are) with crunchy, sweet blueberries.

I am actually pretty impressed these made it back to our place because we snacked on them all the way home.


It’s a good thing The Husband was with me to remind me we fly home on Monday…..


Otherwise, I might have been tempted to buy like one of everything.


I didn’t think of the recipe a few of you sent me on how to cook corn in the microwave until after I left.


I did, however, take total advantage of the homemade treats from coconut almond caramel corn to seasoned pistachios.


To JoJo’s Jerky!  JoJo makes all of his own beef jerky ~ one taste of this jerky and you will definitely have to buy it like we did LOL.


I picked the Triple Threat Beef Jerky because it is like this lean, soft, chewy teriyaki jerky with a kick.


While The Husband picked the mild Teriyaki version.  He has a ton of flavors so if jerky is your thing, JoJo will ship any flavor of his jerky (it comes in turkey & beef) anywhere to you. You can find all the flavors on his website.


I “almost” convinced The Husband to try out the Pound Hound Bakery Puppy Treats….It was so great since the lady was telling him it’s all made with people food Open-mouthed smile  He didn’t buy it though.


I was so excited when we came across Sin City Delights Golden Corn Nuggets!!!


We first bought these last year at the Best of the West Rib Cookoff.  This stuff is better than kettle corn because there are not any seeds that get stuck in your teeth, it’s crunchy, yet, it totally melts in your mouth.

Did I mention it’s only 3 points+ a serving????


Have any of you ever eaten the peanut shell with the peanut?  I wasn’t brave enough to try.


Savory saltine seasoning ~ it turns saltines in to these delicious herb cheeze-it crackers.


There are several vendors who make their own salsa, BBQ sauces, oils and jams.


Just when you think you’ve finished walking through the market, it circles around the corner to even more vendors.


This totally reminded me of the Caribbean when the guy floated up on his boat to us on the beach.


And opened up a fresh coconut for us to drink the coconut water and eat the coconut inside.


The last place to stop at the Fresh52 Saturday Market is the indoor farmers market.


Everything inside is truly unique….


Especially if you want to get all chef-y with these beautiful edible flowers.


There are several vendors serving up homemade salads (Vegan & Vegetarian vendors included!) as well as tacos, Vietnamese food, Greek Food, chef demonstrations and more.


Best marketing idea I’ve seen at any Farmer’s Market ~ 5 Star Salad in a bag – love it!


The only thing the market was missing was a vendor selling fresh baked muffins, breads and treats.  I thought since it was an “artisan” farmer’s market that meant breads, but, maybe not.

Instead, I settled for a Seattle’s Best Muffin with a coconut iced coffee.  In sticking with my eat half of everything….I ate the top only Open-mouthed smile


After the market, we spent the afternoon at The Husband’s casino chip convention before heading over to the Meat Market.

John Mull’s Meat Market


And Road Kill Grill ~ this was one of the Diners, Drive-Inn’s and Dives locations I have been dying to try.


You can buy meats from the butcher to take home and grill or you can order up and get some of the tastiest BBQ you will ever eat.

After placing your order, you get to eat outside at the Grub Shack where they have TV’s with Fod Network on ~ I LOVE it!


The Road Kill Grill Menu ~ everything is reasonably priced and the portions are huge.


We “strategically” planned our orders to try out almost everything on the menu.

For the record, I didn’t even come close to having half of any of this ~ I had about 1/3 of one platter.  All I am going to say about the points+ is if you ever need to go to a BBQ place, check out and use this Weight Watchers BBQ Cheat Sheet to get an idea of the points+ values so you can decide what’s worth it to you.

Plate #1 ~ Mac Salad, Mac N Cheese, BBQ Ribs, Brisket & BBQ Pork


Plate #2 ~ Homemade hot links, brisket, BBQ ribs, Baked Beans (that are sweet & spicy because they have sausage in them!) and Mac n Cheese.


We walked the strip and did a little “donating” to the casinos before heading back to our place for a swim and a light dinner.

I am so glad The Husband agreed with me when I said I just couldn’t do anymore meat today or maybe for this trip.

He whipped us simple salads for us…..


While I made up Farmer’s Market fruit cups.


The END!


Tomorrow we are talking about doing water aerobics, then, taking a drive somewhere maybe up to Mt. Charleston for a hike or picnic (stopping at Whole Foods to stock up before we go).

Night all!

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Barbara June 24, 2012 at 8:16 am

Danica, this market looks amazing! How did you find out about it? Makes me want to go to Las Vegas. What else did you see/do while there. Yours, sounds like my kind of a trip…not only the glitz of Vegas, but the real world. Love it! Thank you.


DanicasDaily June 27, 2012 at 8:46 pm

HI Barbara,

You know, I had someone tell me on Facebook to check out the Saturday Market on Facebook awhile back. So, I googled and found these two links for local farmer’s markets in Las Vegas.





barbara June 28, 2012 at 9:54 am

Thanks, Danica.

Can’t wait to go. Love your blog. Daily reality check…


Bonnie June 24, 2012 at 3:30 pm

I always eat the peanut shells along with the peanuts. The picture of the ones in Vegas looked really good!


Wendy Ogden June 25, 2012 at 10:55 am

Fresh 52 does have a fresh bread person. They are typically in the walk-in part of the market. They have great bread but it’s pricey. I’ve found that Bountiful Baskets has really great bread that is completely organic,made just for them. You get 5 loaves for $12.00. It’s a bargain and tastes great! Do you have Bountiful Baskets in San Fran?


DanicasDaily June 27, 2012 at 8:48 pm

Hi Wendy,

I’ve never heard of Bountiful Baskets but I will be sure to look for them in San Fran.



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