Secret Sauce

by DanicasDaily on January 29, 2013

Happy Tuesday all!  I am so glad you all enjoyed the Healthy Super Bowl Recipes and Menu Ideas.  I honestly love hosting or going to parties just so I have a reason to try a new recipe to share.  The best part is you can try a little and not have any leftovers to sit around the house calling your name

I really wanted to stay in bed when the alarm went off this morning, but, I told myself my day would start off better if I got up and got my run/walk on.  You know what it did ~ 30 minutes of bonding with the treadmill will wake you up more than coffee…..

This week for breakfasts, I brought back on of my favorite recipes that I haven’t made in awhile.

Taco Egg Muffins. So delicious ~ I am not even sure why I stopped making them.


Organic Berries


4 points+ for everything including my German Chocolate Coconut Coffee.


We have this crazy, amazing snack mix in our office at the moment from Costco.  I swear every single day when I walk in the kitchen to get my coffee – it’s all I think about.  I HAVE to have it lol.

Sweet, spicy, smoky, salty, mustardy, nutty, crunchy….need I say more.

1 serving is 4 points+ and insanely addicting.  I keep pimping it out to my co-workers so they will gobble it all up and it will stop calling my name every day Open-mouthed smile


Lunch involved another oldie but goodie…..this time instead of broccoli slaw, I used…..

Rainbow Salad (yup, it’s totally called that!), topped 1 Tbsp Sunflower Seeds and 2 Tbsp Trader Joe’s LF Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette (3 points+)


Plus Butternut Squash Lasagna ~ it definitely tastes even better the next day. (8 points+)


My co-workers are awesome in general, but, even more so when they feed my coffee addiction and bring me an afternoon latte Red heart (3 points+)


The Husband was in charge of grilling the steaks up tonight.

My “secret” to get him to cook them was to ask how he made his “secret sauce” and he said he’d take care of grilling the steak.


Normally we have tri tip or sirloin steaks, but, for this go round, I picked out T-Bone steaks because I really wanted to eat my steak off a bone ~ totally carnivorous of me, but, totally true!

I cut off my bone in portion, gnawed away and weighed the bone to determine how many ounces I ate.  To think, I could’ve had more 2 oz = 4 points+.


Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs with 2 of The Husband’s fries. (3 oz = 3 points+)


I have always avoided the red swiss chard because I thought it was bitter…..You know what, it tastes the same as the regular chard if not better.


I ate the tenderloin (filet) side of the T-Bone while The Husband had the skirt steak side.



  • AL – 103%, 3 Activity Points
  • 29 Daily Points+, 0 WPA used, 46 WPA remaining

Night all!

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